Coco Fiber and Cocopeat (crumble)

Cocopeat and coco fiber are popular agricultural products requested by overseas buyers, these two products naturally originate from coconut coir. The material mostly comes from the local coconut choir, produced in several small to medium-capacity traditional factories. The product is already sun-dried and ready to pack. However, we were recently unable to manufacture the Cocopeat into a block (might be available in the future considering the increase in demand for the Cocopeat block).

shallow focus photo of coconut shells
shallow focus photo of coconut shells
Production of Coco Fiber and Cocopeat

Coco Fiber is the main product from coconut coir, the fiber can be used in various applications as an insert for mattress production. Cocopeat is a byproduct of producing coco fiber, Cocopeat is known for the ability to absorb and hold water comparable to soil. Cocopeat can keep its moistness for quite a long time, and this brilliant ability results in high demand for cocopeat for agricultural and farming industries.

To order you need to know:

Coco Fiber and Cocopeat are made in traditional factory.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

    • 1 (one) Ton

    • order below 1 (one) Ton will be considered

  • Payment:

    • Letter of Credit (specific to be discuss later)

    • Bank Transfer

    • Down payment have to be at least 15% of the total price

    • Full complete payment has to be perform before the delivery date of the goods to the port.

  • How to get sample?

    • you can order a sample as low as 1 kilogram (please contact us)

  • Certificate available:

    • contact us for further information

How to order?